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Our goal is to provide players with the easiest solution to search for other players and teams. Counter Strike Global Offensive is a team oriented game and is more fun to play with friends. We want to help get you out of solo-queue hell and match you with other players in your region and rank.

Whether you're seeking a serious team to join leagues and ladders, a large clan with many players, or just a couple mates to play matchmaking with; We have you covered!

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CO Game Servers joins the team

We've recently picked up a server sponsor, they have given us a few servers to use for our upcoming community nights and in return they ask that we try out their game servers. They have a free trial section on their website so you can test the server before you purchase it. They currently host CSGO servers for only $0.50 a slot and host servers in Dallas, Texas.

Head over to their website at www.cogameservers.com and let them know CSGO TeamFinder sent you.